Reddit x Abee Katie

NFT Avatar design & illustration | Gen 3 & 4

Hand picked by Reddit to join the Avatar Creator Programme, where artists create a limited series of collectible avatars. These were sold on Reddit's platform, and as NFT artworks on OpenSea.

Each avatar is interchangeable with others, allowing users to create their own unique avatar.

My first collection was limited to 2,650 avatars, and sold out within 10 days of release.

Gen 3 Initial Concepts:

Gen 3 Final Avatars:


Gen 3 release


Gen 3 release


Gen 3 release

Gen 4 release

With the launch of Gen 4 came an opportunity to include 'hidden traits' among the avatars - surprise artwork that collectors could find once they add or remove certain parts of the avatar.

PNG support was also adopted, meaning i could include far more texture and details into my designs, compared to Gen 3.

collector mashups

Just a few of the 'mashups' I've seen across Reddit - where collectors have bought and combined my avatar traits with other artists, to make new and wild combinations!

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