My commissions process

Base cost: £50

the concept

step 1

Drop me an email of what you have in mind - a portrait of a loved one? Gifting a pet commission?

The more descriptive the better! For example, do you have specific clothing you’d like included, or refrences to interests? Do you have a favourite flower, colour, or fruit? Perhaps you’d like to add your pet’s collar or give them cute accessories?

A 50% deposit is required before the next stage.

the line drawing

step 2

I will first send you a line sketch of the drawing, so you can start to see your artwork come to life!

At this stage you can make any changes required.

adding colour

step 3

When you are happy with the line drawing I will begin to add colour and finalise your artwork! At this stage you can make any colour changes required.

The second 50% deposit will be required.

the final piece

step 4

All final artworks will be sent as digital files as standard - or for an additional cost I can print your final artwork from my home studio, and ship it straight to you!

Ready? Let's go!

or email me at:

Send me your ideas so we can start bringing them to life!
I aim to respond within 24 hours.